Film Review: It (2017)


F*cking clowns, man.

I hate clowns. I hate them with a passion. As a child, my greatest fears were skeletons and clowns. As a grown-up, I’d gotten over the former, but not the latter. I’d seen part of the TV miniseries but couldn’t really bear the (now comparably) awful 1990 film quality.

This one, though? Brrrrr. Did I mention I hate clowns?

This review doesn’t contain spoilers.


This film is pretty wonderful, I have to say. Amazing tension; enough gore to unnerve but not gorny; edge-of-your-seat creepy, with none of the cheap-ass jumpscares the recent ‘horror’ films liked to employ in lieu of actual atmosphere. The quiet build up to a crescendo, the child running, you (the audience) hoping they wouldn’t turn around because that would be the killer blow, but just knowing the pursuer was literally breathing down your neck and you just about held it in and didn’t poop your pants from terror. I love it.

Bill Skarsgard’s portrayal of Pennywise was so unnerving I felt sick. Each of the young actors were so amazingly talented. Couldn’t fault any of them.


The final hurdle that Bill overcame was quite heart-wrenching. Knowing what he’d experienced, what his deepest desire was as a result, seeing Pennywise utilise that to his advantage — only for Bill to overcome it was quite wonderful, and so sad. Each of the boys and girl overcoming their nightmare and defeating the Big Bad was heartwarming and a great joy to watch.

My only criticism? Why the hell did they cut their palms with a dirty, discarded piece of glass they randomly found on the ground to make that damn blood pact? And used it one child after the other? And held each other’s hands after that? That’s how you get tetanus. That’s how you get gangrene from an infected wound. That’s how you spread HIV and Hepatitis B. And not to mention that’s so freaking unsanitary.


Honestly, that last part is the most terrifying thing about the film.

Bloody clown, though.

Verdict: 5 stars. Bloody brilliant. Can’t wait for the sequel.


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