Book Review: Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth


I tried to get into Veronica Roth’s books. But perhaps the stars didn’t align or whatever. I got Divergent and was bored after Chapter 1. I started this one and… also got bored. DNF’d after — I lost count. A few chapters.

I don’t think this post contains enough information to spoil, considering I did only read like four chapters.

We start with a lot of unpronounceable names and even more confusing significance: Eijeh, Kereseth, Thuvhe (try reading that with a lisp… wow). We meet every single person in a family of five within five pages, without anything to discern any of them from each other so, within a page, they blurred as one. The first chapter on their blooming festival was eye-wateringly boring. It was only towards the end of it when they spoke about their fates did it pick up, and Chapter 2 stormed ahead with the unwelcome arrival of the Shotets. But did chapter 1 drag!

And then we swap POV — not only from Akos to Cyra but also third to first. Wtf?? What’s wrong with sticking to just one? That threw me out of the story.

That’s all I have. The really weird POV swaps coupled with lack of action and significant story progress in the first few chapters made me lose interest. I DNF’d.

Verdict: DNF. 1 star. Just… really boring.




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