May Updates


It’s been a while since this blog has been updated because life has been busy! You’ll want to read this post, because it’s an update for upcoming news and a giveaway!



TECHNO FEVER, my Asian futuristic scifi, is completed and has been shortlisted for the Open Novella Contest! Check out the novella, available in full and free to read, on Wattpad.

GHOST IN THE SHELL meets THE LUNAR CHRONICLES. Year 2154, Hong Kong: Bod Mods are all the rage. From forearms equipped with blast cannons to telescopes implanted to irises to jet propellers as feet, there is no limit to the modification available that money can buy.

University student Chan Meiha witnesses a gruesome Bod Mod safety mechanic malfunction on campus, but that’s only the beginning. It’s one thing to switch off a glitching machine; it’s quite another when it’s literally neurally wired to your body and refusing to obey.

With the safety measures of Bod Mods now defective, Meiha is tasked to help her stepfather, one of the creators of Bod Mods, fix this glitch. But there are people all too happy to misuse their Bod Mods without repercussion and restriction and Meiha has to sort this before chaos befalls her city.


I’m currently in the throes of a new project, one which I think many of my readers will be eager to check out. Once I have sufficient chapters under my belt, I’ll start uploading. Here’s a sneak peek of the cover I made!




The real exciting part! I had been planning this ever since I hit 7k followers on Wattpad but work got too busy. Now is a great time to start! Starting Friday 24th May until Friday 31st May (Hong Kong time, GMT+7 hrs), I will be doing a giveaway of two published fiction books of your choice.  Open internationally as long as The Book Depository ships to your country. No payment required but you must be a follower of mine on Wattpad.

Further details to follow. Follow this blog to keep updated!


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