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My books are free to read on Wattpad and Radish Fiction. My main genres are fantasy, mixed with elements of adventure, action, and sci-fi. I also write the occasional general fiction and horror. Please let me know if you see them posted on any other sites or under other names outwith the aforementioned.


THE WINDCASTER is an epic fantasy set in the fictional country of Dernexes, featuring Wind magic and a corrupt government. It is featured by Wattpad and is also the winner of the first Wattpad4 reading contest.

In the corrupt Kingdom of Dernexes, where Wind magic equates to status and power, Tia is a thirteen-year-old Caster apprentice. Travelling with a Windcaster, she can see desperate inequality and crises. A rebellion brews and a war is on the horizon. Times are about to change…


RISE OF THE VENGEFUL DRAGON is an epic fantasy set in a fictional world where dragons ruled and vengeance is the key. It is currently being edited in preparation to be featured. It won the “Junior Award” as second place in The Write Awards 2014 and won the Wattys2014. It is currently a featured story on Wattpad.

When dragons start to fight amongst themselves after millennia of peace, one bloody battle leaves young Aerith’s dragon dead and her the sole survivor of her family. Her only hope of restoring balance is reviving the fallen Gisella, but with human civilisation collapsing and continuing bloodshed, she may be too late.


SEEKER: DEMON KILLERS is an urban fantasy featuring supernatural teenagers saving the world from demons. It is a rewrite of “Seeker: The Challenge” and has been entered into Wattys2016.

There is literally nothing better than a fist full of demon guts, as far as Tora is concerned.

The gory task of killing demons to keep humans safe falls to Tora, a 16-year-old supernatural gifted with telekinesis. When a mysterious entity causes increasing demon attacks, forgotten memories and a frightening power stir within Tora, and soon she isn’t sure who the real enemy is any more: the demons – or herself.

MARCH CITY: THE LAND OF THE GIFTED is a sci-fi fantasy featuring teenagers with extraordinary abilities populating a futuristic city. It was my NaNoWriMo 2014 project, completed in December 2016.

Your scores determine your worth. In the technologically advanced March City, academic achievements and abilities are everything. Sixteen-year-old Ari is a high-achiever who gets by doing the minimum. When her sister, Mina, is kidnapped during a series of terrorist bombings, Ari has to defy the law and delve into the dark secrets of the city in a race against time – and Mina’s life may be her price.

THE RUNE MAGE is a fantasy adventure following Seiren Nithercott, a talented young mage who aims to climb the mageship ladder in order to restore her dead twin sister. It is my NaNoWriMo 2016 project.

Seiren killed her mother by accident and rendered her sister’s soul to a stone. Graduating at the top of the class at King’s Academy for Magic, her aims are only to become a state mage and find a way to restore her dead twin sister. Madeleine’s soul clings at a sliver of life via a forbidden rune at Seiren’s hands and Seiren will stop at nothing to rectify the greatest mistake of her life.

Conflict brews between her magic-wielding mother country, Karma, and the demon-commanding neighbour, Hanna. Civil unrest and increasing pressure from the king catapults Seiren into a terrifying game of deception, politics, and betrayal. The battle may be against the demon summoners, but the war is against something far darker and more powerful.


MY NIGHTMARES is a collection of short horror stories, featuring primarily blood, gore, and mentally disturbed characters.

Currently, it includes “A World of Blood” and “Together, Forever”.

Blood drips from the ceiling. The smell of death is smothering. Something is horribly wrong, but I can’t stop. Death chases hungrily, needing to feed, needing to kill…

A collection of short horror stories that will keep you up at night.

TEAR DROPS AND INK is a collection of short general stories, usually addressing serious themes such as bullying and bereavement.

Currently it includes “Emmy’s Last Christmas” and “I Should have Spoken”.

A collection of short stories with a serious undertone.

Emmy’s Last Christmas: How a young child spends her last Christmas. To everyone who is well and healthy at Christmas this year, please take a minute and give your thoughts to a little girl like Emmy.

Gifted: Sarah has always been a scared bystander when people around her got hurt, frightened by the repercussions if she spoke out. When her best friend is affected, she has to make a choice whether to stay silent and safe, or to speak out for the sake of others.

FROG LAND is a random collection of short anything that doesn’t fit on my Wattpad profile. It includes a smattering of poetry and “About me”s that have been circulating online.


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