Inspired by Clowns and Dolls


hate clowns and dolls. If I actually encountered those clown ‘pranks’ that were all the rage last year, I would break down in a mess and cry — or alternatively turn on my fight response and attempt to beat the shit out of the clown, all 55kg of me.

When Wattpad’s Short Story account held a contest on a Halloween-themed story, I knew I had to write this: the endeavour of my dear father working a few weeks in Beijing and then bringing back an ‘expensive, beautiful’ clown doll. Basically, the embodiment of my worst nightmare. He knew I hated dolls and clowns. And yet he still did it.

And when I broke it in every way I could to get him to throw it away, including gouging out an eye, scribbling on its cheeks, snapping its limbs, all he did was lament at my destruction and inability to appreciate pretty things, fix it, and leave it in my room. Again. And again.

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Film Review: Annabelle


I confess, dolls scare the freaking Jesus out of me. I don’t know if it’s some hidden childhood trauma of being eaten by a porcelain doll when I was a foetus or having my mind curdled by a clown at my twelfth birthday (neither of which happened, by the way), the glass doll eyes that stare at you in the dark and the apparently inanimate postures is high octane stuff of nightmares for me.

Which is why I chose to watch Annabelle, because of the freakish doll on the front – the same reason I watched Dead Silence (which by the way is one horrific doll fest, and I will review that in the future.)

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Critique: Children Should Listen

In return for winning “Ruined Childhoods” contest 2016, VictoriaMoschou wins a critique of each of her entries.

Children Should Listen


I like the start – with a bang. Angry Lucinda, furious the holiday would be ruined, the frightened cook having to redo everything, Penelope being frustrated with Lucy being so unreasonable. It’s a quick way of getting the reader to know your characters early through their actions and interactions with each other.

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