Currently Writing: Chaos Mage Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of the Rune Mage sequel, CHAOS MAGE, which will be posted in the same book as Book 1. To read Book 1, click here. This will contain spoilers for Book 1. Chapter 1: The Execution

Meet My Villain #3 (Rise of the Vengeful Dragon)

This post is about one of the villains in my fantasy novel Rise of the Vengeful Dragon, which is free to read on Wattpad. As with all “Meet My Character” blog posts, this contains **SPOILERS**.

Wattpad Spotlight: Hall of Games

Book promotion! “Hall of Games” by seventhstar. Calling all epic fantasy lovers! Hall of Games follow enslaved girl Cadence in a world where magic holders serve and rule. Enter a breathtaking magical world with love, betrayal, and a war that threatens Cadence’s life as she knew it. In the harsh winter of Moskava,  Cadence is…

Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: “Rise of the Vengeful Dragon by KatrinHollister

Please take the time to consider voting for Rise of the Vengeful Dragon by KatrinHollister for Wattys2014. This is an epic fantasy by Wattpad-featured writer Katrin Hollister, which follows the journey of a 15-year-old girl destined for revenge and bloodshed. Along the way, she learns about the heritage of Draconian Families, the bloodstained bond that tie her to…