Wattpad Spotlight: Hall of Games


Book promotion! “Hall of Games” by seventhstar. Calling all epic fantasy lovers!

Hall of Games follow enslaved girl Cadence in a world where magic holders serve and rule. Enter a breathtaking magical world with love, betrayal, and a war that threatens Cadence’s life as she knew it.

In the harsh winter of Moskava,  Cadence is doing all she can to keep her family alive.
 Her brother is Varya, someone with special abilities who are required by the Law to serve in the capital, the Hall of Games. When the Patrols come looking for her brother, Cadence volunteers to draft as into the army alongside with Cole.
 She never thought that a simple decision like that would land her in a game of betrayal and hurt.
 Something sinister is brewing inside the Hall of Games. Hunted down by her former Mistress and an unknown enemy, Cadence must escape the Hall of Games or face a fate worse than death.


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Talent Spotlight: Stefanie Saw


Are you looking for a graphic designer for your self-published book or for non-commercial use? Are you looking for someone efficient and comes highly recommended? Or do you just want to look at pretty stuff?

Check out Stefanie Saw (seventhstar), a freelance graphics designer based in Malaysia with incredible talent. She does non-commercial work on the side and her covers are amazing. She’s done a few non-commercial ones for me — check out below.

You can check out more of her portfolio on her website, Facebook, and Wattpad collection. She’s done some mind-blowing covers for published writers, too, including The Withered Land series by Joseph Armstead and The Eternal Flame series by L. Penelope.