Fantasy Politics


Politics and fantasy might seem a peculiar combination. After all, one associates politics with real world conflicts, uncertainties, impending war, back-handed dealings, and lots and lots of unsavoury mud-slinging by politicians all around the world. Whatever does it have to do with the world of magic, elves, and spells? (Warning, may contain small spoilers)

If we look at the definition of politics, we see: “the activities associated with the governance of a country or area, especially the debate between parties having power”; “activities aimed at improving someone’s status or increasing power within an organization.” (Source: Google)

Contains minor spoilers.

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Wattys2017: Vote and Support!


Wattys2017 is upon us! The annual Wattpad contest where Wattpadders compete for renown and recognition, for the most-read books and most-beloved stories, for the title of the best of the best!

And guess what? Both March City and Rune Mage are entered! Want to support them?

Here’s what you can do, between now and 1st August:

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Win 10 Bestselling YA Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books!

My good friend Maaja Wentz is hosting a draw for 10 bestsellers on her website! Check it out here!


I have to say I have only read one and a half of them. Cassandra Clare’s work I really don’t care about, but I have heard The Gender Game is one of the hottest Dystopian Sci-fis since The Hunger Games, and I have read The Paper Magician and loved it. Yes, the research is a tad dodgy and the first book is slow in terms of the main character being the centre of action and story progression, but there are some heartwarming characters, quirky lines, and a great magic system — the last of which makes this Fantasy a must-read. Check out my review of The Paper Magician here.




Film Review: In Time

I watched in time, a dystopian sci-fi, to gain some more inspiration as I plot March City 2. In Time follows a future where everyone stops ageing at 25 years old and their internal clock starts to tick, and that clock is used as currency. Time is life.

Cue cries for justice and overthrowing the oppressive system.

Contains spoilers, duh.

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Completing March City


28 November 2016 marks the upload of the last chapter of March City: The Land of the Gifted, my first attempt at NaNoWriMo back in 2014. This story took almost two years to complete simply because of the long hiatus I took not long after the 50k, so that, along with Seeker: Demon Killers, are quite special accomplishments for me. I pulled through. I completed those works.

Contains a bit of spoilers.

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March City Resumes


So as I’m making serious progress in continuing my NaNoWriMo 2014 project to completion, I’ve started posting March City again on Wattpad. It’s strange delving back into Ari’s world again. Everything is so familiar and I even remember the depression and lack of motivation coming back, which was why I didn’t want to start posting straight away in case I go back on hiatus from lack of inspiration. I remind myself that I’m better now and I got through that dark period in one piece and began to enjoy writing it again.

After leaving it for two years I’ve also had time to mature a bit more as a writer and give the whole story more thought. I don’t want to go along the stream of young main character rebels against government a la Divergent, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner etc. It seems too cliche and impractical. Who listens to teenagers (don’t take this the wrong way. I literally mean adults often don’t take teenagers seriously with regards to worldly topics) and what can a teenager do that adults can’t?

Unless the world is made of teens, I guess.

Darnit, I’m putting myself into that same cliche.

Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: Death Reflection by April Parr

Watty2014 Blog Entry Spotlight Banner

Please take the time to consider voting for Death Reflection by April_Parr for Wattys2014.

From the author: Death Reflection mixes fairies and demons into a dystopic future. If you’re tired of Hunger Games clones when it comes to dystopian novels, I ask that you give my story a shot and please vote if you enjoy it. I look forward to hearing from amazing new readers!

Genre: Fantasy

Edward R. Murrow once said, “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.” In 2330, these words become a fulfilled prophecy. Dahlia Wilde lives in a world ruled by a corrupted government that has taken religion from the people and turned it into a twisted controlling mechanism. Forced to contend with demons, genetic monstrosities, and the discovery that she is as inhuman as the creature directing the government, Dahlia takes on a journey to topple this twisted regime and free the people. But she must first escape the iron grip of a demon vying for her very soul.

If you think this story, free to read on Wattpad, is worth a vote, please share the linked posts on Twitter and on Facebook, with the link and #Watty2014, to give April a chance.