Meet My Villain #3 (Rise of the Vengeful Dragon)

This post is about one of the villains in my fantasy novel Rise of the Vengeful Dragon, which is free to read on Wattpad. As with all “Meet My Character” blog posts, this contains **SPOILERS**.

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Critique: Children Should Listen

In return for winning “Ruined Childhoods” contest 2016, VictoriaMoschou wins a critique of each of her entries.

Children Should Listen


I like the start – with a bang. Angry Lucinda, furious the holiday would be ruined, the frightened cook having to redo everything, Penelope being frustrated with Lucy being so unreasonable. It’s a quick way of getting the reader to know your characters early through their actions and interactions with each other.

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Plotting: Rise of the Vengeful Dragon (Part 1)


Ah, plotting. The bane of my life. And the joy of some writers. I hate plotting, but I need to know where to go when I’m writing, so I definitely need it. Initial skeleton-drawing is fairly easy, but it’s the branching out that’s so much harder. The roots are easy to take hold. The trunk grows without much trouble. Branches and leaves require the sacrifice of several internal organs before they form.

A few people in the past have asked me how I plot. I haven’t found my own style of plotting yet and have experimented with different ways of plotting over the past few novels I have written. So here it is: how I plotted Rise of the Vengeful Dragon.

To plot RotVD, initially named ‘Essence of Gisella’ as a starting chapter for a story contest, I looked to this, on PublishingCrawl: how to write a synopsis.

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NaNoWriMo: The Rune Mage

The Rune Mage is definitely my NaNo2016 project. Cover is ready (guess who made it??), plot is ready, and I’m pumped!

Now it’s time for the cover reveal! *drum roll*

Seiren graduates at the top of her class at the King’s Academy for Magic with only one aim: to become a state mage and find a way to restore her dead twin sister. Madeleine’s soul clings at a sliver of life via a forbidden rune at Seiren’s hands and Seiren will stop at nothing to rectify the greatest mistake of her life.

Conflict brews between her magic-wielding mother country, Karma, and the demon-commanding neighbour, Hanna. Civil unrest and increasing pressure from the king catapults Seiren into a terrifying game of deception, politics, and betrayal. The battle may be against the demon summoners, but the war is against something far darker and more powerful.

Who else made this amazing cover but the FABULOUS Stefanie Saw/seventhstar

Excuse me whilst I cry in the corner over this. Oh my goddddd.

Go get your commissions for this woman! And let’s NANO.

Wattys2014 Entry Spotlight: “Rise of the Vengeful Dragon by KatrinHollister

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