6 Writing Tips by Victoria Moschou


Victoria Moschou is a book reviewer, blogger (Victorious Pages on WordPress), writer (VictoriaMoschou on Wattpad), and winner of the Ruined Childhoods contest hosted by Christine Bottas (Nyhterides) and I.

They say the expert in anything was once a beginner, and I totally agree on that! Of course, I can’t say that I’m an expert on writing fiction, writing blog posts or even sharing zen tips such as the previous one, yet after blogging for the last nine years and working seriously for the first time in my entire life on my WIPs for the past two, I think I’ve gained some experience and I’m a little bit wiser on that aspect than I were the day before. And, since I have a Mary Poppins mood today, I thought I should share that experience and wisdom with you!

So, apart from the obvious and basics, such as grammar rules, structure, punctuation, spelling and sentence construction, there are also a bunch of other rules and tips, not only beginners, but also those who claim to be more experienced, should respect and follow.

Disclaimer! I’m a perfectionist and an organising junkie, so I love lists; and this is going to be a long one. So, I’d suggest you sit back comfortably, get a cup of tea, or in my case coffee, and embrace everything you’re going to learn, or maybe read for the gazzillionth time! What’s certain is that you’re gonna leave this place with at least one new tip up in your sleeve!

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Plagiarism and Wattpad


There have been some issues in the context of safety of my work and others on Wattpad. From a few Wattpad friends on Facebook, it’s come to my attention that there has been a site (or multiple sites) for the past year that have allowed internet users the ability to download stories onto their own computer — pdf, word doc, epub — whatever the format. This means anyone can download anyone’s stories — yours, mine, any Wattpadder’s — slap their own names on it, and upload it as their own content. Change a few character and place names, and they can publish it and get money — and you’ll likely never know as it’ll be harder for you to find it on random Googling. The aforementioned site has been going on for a year and allegedly Wattpad has done nothing to get it taken down.


There are likely other sites and downloads as we speak. You may have noticed several ambassadors and Wattpad-owned accounts sending out messages regarding what Wattpad is doing to ensure our stories are safe. This is likely what the messages are about.

From Wattpad:


I’m no techie, but I’m a doctor and I know over-simplified language that are open to interpretation when I see it. This is too vague for any comfort. I also leverage available technology, policy, and legal solutions to bring you this news. I take screenshots and post it on a blog. Woopie-doo.

Godhand has a book with further details. You can find it in her “REMOVED” book . There are other Wattpadders who have expressed similar concerns and have taken similar action, like my good friends JessicaBFry and EliseNoble. Jess has also kindly posted on her account details regarding plagiarism and how one can protect one’s work from it. Wattpad has yet to address this plagiarising site specifically.

What it means for me is I do not wish any of my work to end up being stolen, especially as I have no current intentions to make money from my work. I want my work to be free. I want my work to be accessible on my terms. I want your feedback and support. I do not want other people to get paid for my hard work.

What it means for you is that my works will no longer be up in their entirety on Wattpad. Rest assured; I will continue to post stories on here for the foreseeable future, but works will not be available in their entirety on Wattpad — they will, however, be available fully on the Radish app, and will remain free/on freemium (which means the work becomes free after 1 week there). This helps reduce the risk of people downloading my full stories and monetising my hard work and tears until this issue is sorted, if ever.

I’m not the first Wattpadder to do this, nor will I be the last. Am I overreacting? Whining too much? Ungrateful? Perhaps, but it’s not changing the fact that my and countless others’ works can be plagiarised. Until this issue is sorted, this will be how I will continue to provide my stories for free… as this is just one step short of taking down all of my works as others have already done or are already doing.

Thank you for your understanding. Have you any experiences regarding this? What are your thoughts?

The Importance of Having a Good Book Cover (Part 2 of 2)

So unattractive or unprofessional-looking covers don’t help your literary masterpieces get the attention they deserve. What can you do?

On Wattpad there is the multimedia club. There you will find many Wattpadders offering their services for covers, banners, image manipulations, etc. Some of the users are amateurs looking for more practice and renown on WP; others are professionals looking for some pass-time. Some may ‘charge’ a ‘fee’ of commenting on their books, shout-outs, or a follow. Others do it for free. Note, of course, that because Wattpad books are non-profitable, most of the images used are copyrighted and so if anyone wants to publish their books, they will need to get a cover that does not contain any copyright images.

I was lucky during my initial Wattpad life that I made friends with a very talented photoshop artist, Wendythestoryteller (find her here too!) She made the current cover for The Windcaster and I have had numerous compliments for it. I LOVE it.

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NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 4 Interview

NaNoWriMo Rallying Banner

Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! We have finally reached the very last week of NaNo. Our contestants are panting and dragging themselves to the 50k, which is in sight! (Well, some of us are. A few are already waiting at the finishing line, cheering us on!)


Now that you’re reaching (or have reached) the end of NaNo, is there anything you wished you had done before this all started to make this whole journey better prepared or a nicer experience?
What methods of motivation do you employ to keep yourself going for that final sprint?

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NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 3 Interview

NaNoWriMo Rallying Banner

Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! Week 3 has been and gone, and the end is in sight! How did our contestants do? Got any questions you want to ask them about their process or progress? Leave a comment below!


Have you encountered any writer’s block during your project, and if not, have you ever encountered it in the past? What is your experience of it?
How do you counter writer’s block (whether it’s during NaNo or outside of NaNo)?

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NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 2 Interview

NaNoWriMo Rallying Banner

Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! Week 2 is probably approaching one of the hardest period of the writing. Writer’s block and other inconveniences tend to pop up halfway, causing many to hit what is known as a “wall”. How did our contestants do? Got any questions you want to ask them about their process or progress? Leave a comment below!


Have you encountered any hurdles so far in your writing? If so, what are they and how did you overcome them? Did you anticipate these hurdles? 

If you haven’t encountered any hurdles so far, do you anticipate any in the future and how do you intend to overcome them?

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NaNoWriMo Rallying: Week 1 Interview

NaNoWriMo Rallying Banner

Welcome to the NaNoWriMo Rallying, hosted by the Frog Blog! The first week of NaNo has kicked off with a bang, and as the end of Week 1 approaches, let’s see how our participants are finding the journey so far. Got any questions you want to ask them about their process or progress? Leave a comment below!

QUESTION: What are your highlights and lowlights of this week?

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