Medical Bullshit on TV: The Vampire Diaries (Part 6)

Featuring: The Vampire Diaries (no spoilers) Season 7 Episode 13 Now, I’m no OBGYN but I’ve done my student placements so if I turn out to be outrageously wrong/uninformed, please let me know. Woman in labour, ECG monitor attached. Twins in her uterus. Beneath the mother’s ECG monitor readings are two more normal, perfect ECG…

Medical Bullshit in TV: The Vampire Diaries (Part 1)

Featuring: The Vampire Diaries. (Does not contain spoilers). Season 6 Episode 1. Doctor doing teaching session: “Patient attends with chest pain and shortness of breath, what kind of tests would you do?” Elena Gilbert: “Pulmonary angiogram to show pulmonary embolism.” Dr.: “Good.” WAIT WHAT.