Medical Bullshit on TV (Part 6)

Featuring: The Vampire Diaries (no spoilers) Season 7 Episode 13 Now, I’m no OBGYN but I’ve done my student placements so if I turn out to be outrageously wrong/uninformed, please let me know. Woman in labour, ECG monitor attached. Twins in her uterus. Beneath the mother’s ECG monitor readings are two more normal, perfect ECG…

Medical Bullshit in TV (Part 1)

Featuring: The Vampire Diaries. (Does not contain spoilers). Season 6 Episode 1. Doctor doing teaching session: “Patient attends with chest pain and shortness of breath, what kind of tests would you do?” Elena Gilbert: “Pulmonary angiogram to show pulmonary embolism.” Dr.: “Good.” WAIT WHAT.