Meet My Villain #2 (The Windcaster)


This post is about one of the villains in my fantasy novel The Windcaster, which is free to read on Wattpad. As with all “Meet My Character” blog posts, this contains **SPOILERS**.

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The Windcaster Bonus Chapter 2: When the Soldiers Came

This is a bonus chapter to the full-length novel The Windcaster, free on Wattpad.

2094 V.F., a village 20 miles from Ptarmigan Fortress.

The sun bore down, unrelenting in its heat. Enlil sighed, wiping the sweat from his forehead, but it didn’t stop more from pouring off his hair and down his face, stinging his eyes. It was so hot he could feel his body evaporating. He didn’t complain. His older brothers were just a few metres away, and would tease him if he was the first to give up.

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Meet My Character Blog Hop

This is another blog hop I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As part of the “meet my characters” series of blog posts I’m doing for the next few weeks, here I’m introducing the main character to my novel “The Windcaster”, Tiamat, the Windcaster-in-training. At the end, I’ll be tagging a friend to continue the hopping.


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The Windcaster Bonus Chapter 1: The Day Mommu Came Home

This is a bonus chapter to the full-length novel The Windcaster, free on Wattpad.

2095 V.F. Mooncliffe

Tia couldn’t focus. There was the Master’s study room she must clean, as well as the used carrier hay from yesterday which needed to be removed. The kitchen was not yet tidy and there she stood, tapping her feet and squinting through the open wooden door with anticipation. Her broom lay against the wall, forgotten. The only thing she had done was practise her Windcasting, and she had completed the allocated tasks within the first few days of the Master departing. There was still so much to do.

But he was coming home today.

By the time the Master’s hooded head peeped over the top of the hill, Tia was practically wringing her hands out of their joints, hopping like a rabbit on the spot.

“Master! Master! Ma—” She stopped, spotting another hooded head behind the Master’s pale blue hood. A chilly breeze coursed past her; winter had passed not long ago and a chill remained in the air. Tia loved it: Hearing the Wind had never yielded more during cold spells and she had perhaps too much fun Singing and Casting. Continue reading