Book Review: Bec by Darren Shan

Bec is yet another new character in the Demonata series, a refreshing female significant character in the exceedingly male-dominated world so far, although the female numbers remain disappointingly low in Book 4 despite this. We’re set in Ancient Ireland, a world very different to the pseudo-medieval generically European I’m used to so I’m loving the…

Top 5 Medical Bullsh❤t on TV

My post for KellyAnneBlount‘s WATTPAD BLOCK PARTY is now live! Check out the top five things in medical fiction on TV that grinds my gears — find out here ! And join the giveaway, where one lucky winner will receive a free 2018 YA Fantasy release, open internationally (as long as The Book Depository ships to you)!

Book Review: Caraval by Stephanie Garber

I recently read Caraval, one of the most hyped YA Fantasies of 2018. I have mixed thoughts, but ultimately did enjoy it. First off: Garber does beautiful prose. The most gorgeous I’ve ever read. Contains spoilers, duh.

Book Review: Lord Loss by Darren Shan

I reread the first book in the Demonata series, LORD LOSS, by Darren Shan, and basically re-lived my book-loving teenagehood. This review does not contain spoilers.

Top 5 Books on my To-Read List

My reading list grows by the day, mainly because of my slow reading speed, but here are my top 5 for this year. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo I’ll admit: this is a book I only heard of because a good friend of mine, Stef, loved it. The cover is eye-catching, although the title…

Wattpad Block Party Winter 2018

As mentioned in a previous post, I shall be guest-posting in Kelly Anne Blount‘s Wattpad Block Party Winter 2018. After hearing suggestions from all my readers, I’ve decided to talk about fantasy story plotting, specifically regarding Rune Mage, including magic lore, character building, motivations, and the actual plotting process. It’ll be heavily condensed, because there’s only…

New Year’s Resolution

Happy 2018! Wishing you all a safe, happy, and successful new year. I thought I’d start the year with a short list of resolutions. Although I’m not one for using new year’s specifically for resolutions — I’d rather have short goals throughout the year — it won’t hurt to make a grand end point, right?…

NaNoWriMo 2017: Week 1

NaNoWriMo 2017 has officially kicked off! I have a loaded schedule this month, so I’m not sure how much I can actually get done, with two friends visiting separately from the other side of the world and six days’ exams at the end (and I still need to study for it!) but we’ll see. March…

Cover Reveal for NaNoWriMo2017 and the Next Project

NaNoWriMo2017 draws near, as does the start of my second project. As promised, the cover reveal for my sequel to 2014’s NaNoWriMo, a science fiction-fantasy combining the ethics of simulated reality, human experimentation, and doing The Greater Good. Welcome to March City: The Rebellion of the Gifted.

Wattys2017: Vote and Support!

Wattys2017 is upon us! The annual Wattpad contest where Wattpadders compete for renown and recognition, for the most-read books and most-beloved stories, for the title of the best of the best! And guess what? Both March City and Rune Mage are entered! Want to support them? Here’s what you can do, between now and 1st August: 1) Vote on the…