The Issue I find with Horror

imageOr rather, in the amateur ones I have come across on Creepypasta, anyway

Lack of realism.

No, it’s not a real story, but that doesn’t give the writer the right to put anything they want regardless of plausibility. The story has to be plausible within the restrictions of that world; there’s only so much disbelief the reader can suspend. Imagine if your sword-wielding character in this ancient land is trying to reclaim his throne and there have been no dragons at all mentioned, ever. Then suddenly a dragon appears at the climax and crushes the whole city and declares the character king.

Yeah. What? Me too.

And if the writer wants to make the story sound like it could actually be a real life account, then it’s all the more important it has to be plausible. It irks me more in stories that revolve around physical or mental health issues, hospitals, physiology etc. Misrepresentation can give the wrong message. And because I know a little more about it, it’s very obvious when the writer hasn’t done enough research.

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The Dark One (The Art of Madness Prompt)

wallhaven-284216Further to my previous blog about Nyhterides’s competiton, I’ve posted a new short about “The Dark One”. Read it here.

I finally got inspiration after reading bits of Creepypasta (my gosh, some are pretty good, but some are just awful — I’ll talk about some of the awful ones later) and watching a play-through of “The Park” and “Boogieman”. I toyed with the idea of Tony and Cameron fleeing together from The Dark One, but that requires staging of an epic battle and a winning or losing outcome. I didn’t have any idea how they could win, seeing as I was stumped by how Tony could have effectively been immortalised for twenty years. Magic? Witchcraft? Really good skincare lotion?

With Tony and his friends taking off, leaving Cameron behind, I took inspiration from that.

Contains spoilers.

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March City Resumes


So as I’m making serious progress in continuing my NaNoWriMo 2014 project to completion, I’ve started posting March City again on Wattpad. It’s strange delving back into Ari’s world again. Everything is so familiar and I even remember the depression and lack of motivation coming back, which was why I didn’t want to start posting straight away in case I go back on hiatus from lack of inspiration. I remind myself that I’m better now and I got through that dark period in one piece and began to enjoy writing it again.

After leaving it for two years I’ve also had time to mature a bit more as a writer and give the whole story more thought. I don’t want to go along the stream of young main character rebels against government a la Divergent, The Hunger Games, Maze Runner etc. It seems too cliche and impractical. Who listens to teenagers (don’t take this the wrong way. I literally mean adults often don’t take teenagers seriously with regards to worldly topics) and what can a teenager do that adults can’t?

Unless the world is made of teens, I guess.

Darnit, I’m putting myself into that same cliche.

The Paper Magician trilogy by Charlie N. Holmberg


I read “The Paper Magician”, the trilogy, about a month and a half back. I’m not usually a steampunk or Victorian fiction fan, but I do love fantasy and magic and I bought the eBook when the first in the series was free. My memories of the books’ events are a bit hazy now we’re six weeks or so on from when I finished it, but I loved the series. It was time and money well spent (I bought the subsequent two in the series) and I chased the story, page after page, sequel after sequel.

It centres on a girl called Ceony, who graduates at the top of her magic school, only to become an unwilling apprentice in the art of paper magic due to lack of interest in the area from general magicians. Her tutor is a quirky but talented magician named Emery Thane. Her training doesn’t go as expected — just like any good story! — and we are catapulted into an exciting adventure when Emery’s ex-girlfriend (literally) rips his heart out.

Contains a bit of spoiler for all three books.

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Scary Story Challenge

I joined Nyhterides on Wattpad’s “The Art of Madness” challenge (found Here), to see if my creative juices can get flowing, and I also really like horrors. The prompt is a long-lost older brother returns as the sole survivor of a group of young boys gone missing fifteen years ago — but that brother is still the same age. And something horrifying is coming for them. 

I’m a bit stuck for ideas, though. I’ve been browsing Creepypasta but, maybe I’m a picky customer or I have a high threshold for the scary stuff, nothing I find is creepy or inspiring.  There’s a lot of poor quality writing, but I appreciate the population isn’t comprised of published or seasoned writers.

Horror films of late have also been quite disappointing (or maybe I just expect too much from Hollywood.) 

I think my next step in inspiration-hunting is in horror games. Certainly something the likes of Slenderman or the creatures in Amnesia is scary enough. I just need a spark for the plot, rather than the villain.

An Update

Wow, it’s been forever since I’ve updated my blog. I don’t even know how many will read it but I do know it’s good practice not to let your corpse of a blog fester too much, so here goes…

I completed NaNo along with the others I interviewed in my previous post (from 2014… wow!) but then that story, ‘March City’ got put on hold when my depression got bad enough for me to lose interest in pretty much everything I do. It’s better now and I’m okay, thank god, with the help of my partner and valuable friends, both on- and offline. Definitely a place I wouldn’t want to visit again if I can help it.

I graduated university at the end of that academic year and became a doctor (woo!) and now I’m just over a year down the road of doctoring, saving lives one cannula at a time. It’s been fantastic, terrifying, exhausting, and such a learning curve. I love it.

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