Film Review: Annabelle


I confess, dolls scare the freaking Jesus out of me. I don’t know if it’s some hidden childhood trauma of being eaten by a porcelain doll when I was a foetus or having my mind curdled by a clown at my twelfth birthday (neither of which happened, by the way), the glass doll eyes that stare at you in the dark and the apparently inanimate postures is high octane stuff of nightmares for me.

Which is why I chose to watch Annabelle, because of the freakish doll on the front – the same reason I watched Dead Silence (which by the way is one horrific doll fest, and I will review that in the future.)

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Wattpad Spotlight: The Clown Game


Book promotion! “The Clown Game” by DriveInHorrorshow

Okay so clowns creep me the heck out and this book drove that fear in even more. Creepy clowns, a game you can’t win, and your life (or at least body bits) at stake…

Ugh, my mouth went dry just talking about it. But check it out if you want a good spook.

You stand to win big if you dare to play in this poker game. But you might not leave in one piece…

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Film Review: Parlor


I’ve had a pretty pathetic stream of poor quality horror movies in the past few weeks, so I was looking for something bloody and satisfying without brainwork. “Parlor” seemed to tick all those boxes.

It’s a very stereotypical slasher horror. Stereotypically stupid American teenagers decide it would be a good idea to go to a relatively underdeveloped eastern European country (in this case, Lithuania) for a period of alcohol, debauchery, and bad choices. Very similar to “Hostel”.

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Film Review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


Oh heyyy. Love me some FPS horror games, especially those that give me nightmares. Although the recent RE games and all the films have certainly not been following the horror trend and more the action/adventure/thriller road, I’ve watched all the films so far for the brain-dead action-packed CGI for the easy entertainment value.

The latest RE has not failed to disappoint per usual.

Contains spoilers, duh.

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Ruined Childhood: Winner Interview


The long-awaited interview for the Ruined Childhood contest winner, VictoriaMoschou! Check out her path of destruction in ruining Halloween (“Something Pumpkin This Way Comes“), a fictional character (“Beauty and the Feast“), a toy (“Children should Listen“), and a children’s activity (“The Devil’s Music“).

1) How did you find the contest? How do you feel, as the winner?

I thought the contest was genius, although I wasn’t quite sure if I could be “dark” enough. When I found out I had won I couldn’t believe. Yeah, I know; cliché. But sometimes, you just have to embrace it!

2) Tell me a bit about you.

My name is Victoria Moschou, I’m a 24-year-old economist and I love writing and reading. Cliché no.2, since this is already known. Something that it isn’t known -yet- is that I am working on that collection, “Happily Never After”, to create an anthology of not so happy stories. Besides, not every story has a happy ending.

3) What were your inspirations for the contest entries? What generally inspires you as a writer?

Basically the whole Halloween Mood. Few true stories, my fav fairytale -aka “Beauty and the Beast”-, my fav series, “Charmed”, and the need to write something completely out of the ordinary for me. I’m a romantic, so what generally inspires me is the hope I can see in little children’s eyes, the family bonds, the need to believe in something… Good music, cooking/baking and myths/supernatural stories can also be an inspiration to me.

4) How old were you when you first started writing? How have you developed as a writer since then? Do your family/friends know you write and how do they feel about that?

Oh, that’s an easy one. I started writing at the age of 9. I tried to create a fanfic of Harry Potter; I knew I wanted to write a best-seller! Lol! From that day on, I was writing on and off, but when I turned 15 I realised that it was something I’m passionate about. So, I started working basically on “The Passion Of Hate”, which is also uploaded on Wattpad, and on other short stories. Of course my parents know that I write and they always want to know what’s going to happen next. The toughest reviewer to please though is my boyfriend and that’s why he’s the first to read my rough drafts. Either he’ll love or he’ll hate them.

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Film Review: The Babadook


Having heard a few people mention it being quite good and critics giving it like 98% ‘good’ rating, I had high expectations. And as with my streak of high-hopes-terrible-outcome films like “It Follows”, this was exactly the same.

Evidently low-budgeted (filmed almost entirely inside a house) with no obvious digital effects (not required; however the lack of presence of anything that looks/sounds/feels scary makes its ‘horror’ tag obsolete and misleading), I thought it must have a great atmosphere to induce so much fear and be so well-received.

Containers spoilers, duh.

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Biting off More than I can Chew

I entered Fantasy Community‘s last Halloween challenge with probably a minute to spare… I think. They said 11:59pm but no time zone, so I gave it a try. Halloween is when the veil between ours and theirs get thin, and our hero us intent to bring thr scariest story back to his neighbourhood. Check out “The Night the Boundaries Fall” here.

I completed the short story some 31000 feet (quite fitting for a 31st October story!) above Wuhan, China, as I flew back to the UK from Hong Kong. I also started my NaNo around that high in the air. No better way to kickstart it all! All the while, someone’s child is screaming and crying during my 15 hour flight.For those of you who are Facebook friends with me (feel free to add me! I don’t bite) may know I came to the unhelpful realisation I may have bitten off more than I can chew for November’s workload, namely:

– Two sets of 7 day shifts, amounting to roughly 80 hours each week, each with either 3 day shifts followed by 4 night shifts or vice versa, plus normal shifts when I’m not having post-night shift breaks.

– Decameron

– A medical research project involving 50 patients for which I have to collate and analyse data

– Ruined Childhood judging and prize-giving

– Blog updates

– March City updates

– and NaNo itself

So, yeah, I dug a hole for myself. I’ll still try hard for NaNo, even if it will take a backseat to work!